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How to Make Mardigras Bangle Bracelet

Welcome the new period of spring and fertility with #DIY #Carnival bracelet. Create beautiful Mardigras bangle bracelet adorned with #purple #bow. Bowdabra, world’s easiest #bowmaker tool is here to help you with this craft idea.
To make this really fun Mardi Gras bracelet, I'm going to start with my Bowdabra Bow Wire. I folded it in half and I'm going to lay it down into my Bowdabra. And I'm tucking the ends under so that it stays out of the way. 
The next thing I'm doing is taking my little bangle bracelets and I'm just laying them into the Bowdabra. Then I'm going to take this beautiful purple ribbon, and I've already dovetailed the ends, but just in case you're not familiar, to dovetail an and you're going to just fold the ribbon in half and you're going to cut from the fold towards the end, which gives you this really pretty triangle finished edge. 
So, I'm just going to fold this in half. I'm going to take the center and I'm just going to put that down into my Bowdabra. Now what we're going to do is take this other pretty ribbon, and all I'm going to do is twist and fold it back, and twist. And it doesn't really matter, you can just make your loops as big or as small as you want. I'm just making them a little bigger than the Bowdabra. And that one there. And twist so that you always have the wrong side of your ribbon on the inside. So, I'm going to go back and twist. And as you can see, I'm just sort of shaping it as I go. So that way, when I'm done, it's much easier. And so, I think we're good here, so I'm just going to clip the end of this, and I'm going to just cut it at a diagonal. There we go. And just scrunch that down there. 
Now what I'm going to do is take my really pretty polka dot ribbon, and I'm going to take the wrong side, and I'm going to just put that down into my Bowdabra. Then I'm going to take the wrong side here and put -- whoops -- and put that into my Bowdabra, and I'm going to do that again here. You might need to hold it a little bit to keep it in place. 
Now I'm just going to take the middle, and now you have another really cute finished bow. And now I'm going to take my little punch ribbon, and I'm going to just scrunch that. Then I have these really cute little beads, so I'm going to put the Mardi Gras bead colors in here. And now I'll take my curling ribbon. I'm just going to scrunch everything down with my Bowdabra wand. And now, just what I'm going to end up doing here is I'm going to just bring my Bowdabra wire through the bracelets on this side. And the other side, I'm going to leave just as is. 
And now I'm going to just pull it through my slipknot, hold my bow tight while it's still in the Bowdabra. I'm just going to pull it really tight, then pull it out. I'm going to separate the ends. Then I'm going to bring them around to the back of my bracelets and I'm just going to tie it here. But then I'm going to bring it back around to the front because I'm just loving adding all kinds of dimensions to this bow. So, I'm going to bring it back to the front and I'm actually going to get this little curling ribbon out of the way there. And now I'm going to tie it, and I'm going to tie a knot. 
And I'm going to take this chopstick that I have, and I'm just going to wrap this around my chopstick. And you have a really cute little curlicue. And I'm going to do the same thing on the other side. So, that adds some dimension. And then I'm just going to finish curling my curling ribbon. And as you know, you're just going to go lightly. And there you have your really cute, cute little bracelet.

Keep these ready when you watch this video to start making awesome fun projects and bows in minutes:
• Bowdabra 
• 30: Gold Bowdabra Wire
• 1.5" x 14" Sheer Purple Glitter Wired Ribbon
• 2' x 14: Sheer Gold glitter Wired Ribbon
• 1.5 x 39" Purple Ribbon
• 3.5" Gold Punch Ribbon
• Various Colors of Curling Ribbon
• 3 Bangle Bracelets
• 3 Bead Strings
• 2 Pearl Bead Strings

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