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How To Choose An Essential Oil Diffuser?


I'm often asked which Essential Oil Diffuser is best because there's several different types to choose from depending on how you want to use it.I believe some of you have deep understanding about this.Not sure what kind of essential oil diffuser to get?No worries,today,i'm going to tell you what you need to know in order to choose an essential oil diffuser.

Essential Oil Diffuser--A diffuser is something that disperses an essential oil into the air so that you have a constant stream of good smelling therapeutic essential oils floating around.

There are four different types of essential oil diffusers: Nebulizing,ultrasonic,evaporative and heat diffuser.

Nebulizing diffusers - An essential oil bottle screws into this diffuser. It breaks up the essential oil into droplets and disperses it through the room. Great for large spaces! This diffuser will run until it uses up all the oil in the bottle, it can run for a very long time!

Ultrasonic diffusers - Fill with water and a few drops of essential oils and it puts out a fine mist. Essential oil droplets are broken up using a very high frequency vibration, no heat required! These typically run for 4 hours at a time before needing to be refilled. Some have lights that you can choose to have on or off and some even have timers.

Evaporative diffusers - Essential oils are put on a pad or filter that a fan blows through to evaporate the oil and disperse it throughout the room. The essential oil compounds evaporate at different rates, so this method as well as the heat method does not put the whole oil into the air but only parts of it at a time, depending on how heavy the compound is and how easily it evaporates. Evaporative diffusers also include diffuser necklaces and bracelets.

Heat diffusers - Uses heat to evaporate the oil.

My favorite?The Ultrasonic Diffuser!If you are looking to buy an essential oil diffuser,you can find great ones on

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